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Mix in chocolate chips or raisins to recreate your favorite flavors.Anyway, eventually I decided to try the chocolate chip bagel.Honestly, I could kinda just eat this by the spoonful, like a cheesecake.

The entire bagel also tasted very fake, like a blueberry candy.I topped it with butter and sugar, and hoped for the best, but, I still did not enjoy it.

Homemade New York style Chocolate Chocolate Chip Bagels that are sweet, dense and chewy.Honey Ham Bagel Sandwiches recipe: Try this Honey Ham Bagel Sandwiches recipe, or contribute your own.Visit our site for complete nutrition facts information for this item and.The dough may have been the same, but, I think it was baked differently.I discovered the biggest issue is that they allow you to set a pickup time in the future - later that day, or even up to two weeks later.

If you like flavored cream cheese on a bagel, you need to try the honey almond flavored cream cheese from Einstein Bros Bagels.I decided to try the bagel flat, to compare with the regular whole grain bagel.The honey and the oats and the grains all were perfect together.

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Combine dry ingredients in a spiral mixer and blend at a low speed for 1 minute.The summers of my pre-teen years were spent a little differently than those of my friends.Einstein Bros honey whole wheat bagel - 270 calories, 1g of fat, and 61g of carbs per bagel.

The past few weeks have highlighted my discoveries in the city of Munich, Germany, ranging from restaurants and beer gardens, to fast food,.After the bagels have been refrigerated for 1-2 days, dump them from the cookie sheet into a large pot of boiling water and honey.Which I know sounds strange, given that I love baked goods, have no trouble eating sweets for breakfast, and often have a piece of chocolate alongside my morning coffee.

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Most bagel recipes call for the addition of a sweetener to the dough, often barley malt (syrup or crystals), honey, high fructose corn syrup, sugar,.

In my last bagel recipe I mentioned that I would be making some peanut butter bagels next and yall did not let me forget that.Delivery or takeout, online ordering is easy and FREE with Seamless.com. Order online.

Au Bon Pain Honey 9 Grain Bagel - Nutrition Facts

It was soft and I liked the oats on top as before, they added to the healthy taste.

I asked the girl taking my order if the french toast bagel was really sweet.That was actually pretty tasty, and the hearty flavor of the grains went well with the peanut butter.It had a decent distribution of berries, which added good flavor.

While previous attempts had resulted in the bagels still being partially connected, this one was only sliced through about half way.

Calories in Honey Ham Bagel Sandwiches - Calorie, Fat

These delicious bagels are baked fresh daily and in your favorite store the following day.You know how many grocery stores have a big, clear case of pastries somewhere near the bakery.The company behind Cobblestone Bread Co., Flowers Foods, has more than 90 years of baking experience.View the nutrition for Honey 9 Grain Bagel, including calories, carbs, fat, protein, cholesterol, and more (Au Bon Pain).It was just absolutely crusted and coated in cinnamon and large chunks of sugar.

This time I took my own advice, and, just like the pumpkin pie, I waffled it, rather than toasting it.I brought the rest home, and did something kinda crazy with it.It was creamy, had a good distribution of walnut chunks in it, and did go well with the bagel.One time I visited and ordered a whole wheat bagel through the app before I arrived.So it took a long time for me to want to try a chocolate chip bagel.

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